How To Get Started as a Celebrity Chauffeur

What’s A Celebrity Chauffeur?

A celebrity chauffeur is one that transports a celebrity from one location to another typically in a luxury vehicle of their choice. Working as a celebrity chauffeur is not only exciting but can also pay well. For one thing, you’d get to visit lots of interesting places and also be opportune to meet new people. Being a chauffeur can be an amazing career path for those that love the road and social interaction.

As a celebrity chauffeur, you have to be very organized, polite, accommodating, professional, discrete, and technical.

Duties Of A Celebrity Chauffeur

Your duties as a celebrity chauffeur solely depend on what your clients want and how they want it. The tasks required of you may vary depending on each clients needs. Such task may include:

  • Transporting your client from location to location
  • Picking up your client’s guests
  • Opening and holding the vehicle doors for your client
  • Running errands
  • Shopping

As aforementioned, it solely depends on what the celebrity wants. Of course, before you commence the job, you’ll be given a rundown of what to expect and the projected hours of operation. There may be some changes thereafter so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Requirements For Becoming A Celebrity Chauffeur

1. A valid driver’s license: You must have a valid driver’s license in your state of residence to drive the client around.

2. A clean record of driving: No one with a bad driving record will be employed. It needs to be guaranteed that you can safely drive your client from location to location.

3. Driving experience: A celebrity chauffeur is supposed to have at least 3 years driving experience. Novices won’t be accepted unless you come with very high recommendations.

Your employer or client may require you to complete a driver safety course. In addition, it’s recommend that you can handle high pressure situations. Drivers with attitude or temperamental tendencies often times don’t last long. Cheerful and lively chauffeurs are preferred for obvious reasons.

What You Need To Note

It is very important to note that driving a celebrity or a high-profile client may not be as easy as it seems. Besides the fact that it can very interesting, it could be difficult or complicated. It’s more than just getting someone from place to place safely. Here’s the thing: as a celebrity chauffeur, you are expected to pay attention to details no matter how insignificant they may seem. Respect, in addition to safety are paramount and appropriate language should be used at all times.

Being a celebrity chauffeur is a craft in its own right and is not comparable to traditional driving services.

Knowing Your Clients

You can’t be a great celebrity chauffeur if you don’t know your client well. All celebrities are different and have different needs. Some may be easy to deal with while others may be difficult. If you don’t have patience you may find this career path overly challenging.

Moreover, you may have to deal with clients friends who may give you more trouble than the celebrities themselves.

Celebrities that have been in the game for a while can often times be great clients. They value their privacy and the ability to be discrete.


Celebrities are known to make last-minute changes. You should be ready to adjust at all times. Schedule changes are quite common and you’ll have to learn to expect the unexpected. In these situations you may find that a client becomes irritable due to increased stressed, pressure, etc. As the chauffeur, it’s your job to remain calm even when your client is not.