How To Get Going as a Celebrity Bodyguard

Building a career as a celebrity bodyguard can be a lucrative career path. The security sector has a plethora of positions as the demand for bodyguards increases.

What’s A Bodyguard?

A bodyguard is a person who has been intellectually and physically trained to escort and protect important personnel like celebrities and government officials. Being a bodyguard is more than just having muscle. High levels of patience and quick thinking are required to ensure the safety of the client

Duties Of A Celebrity Bodyguard

As previously mentioned, being a celebrity bodyguard is more than merely accompanying your client to different places. A few duties of a celebrity bodyguard include:

  • Escorting your client to meetings, dinner, and events
  • Working with everyone to ensure that the celebrity feels secure

In order to become a bodyguard there are mandatory trainings that must be completed before moving forward.

Training To Undergo

1. The Executive Protection Training: This training enables you to be a professional bodyguard. Courses under it include executive protection, training on how to carry and use guns, discreteness, and so on. There are situations where your client would like to be as discrete as possible and you have to see to it.

2. The Close Protection Training: This aspect of training covers certain areas such as close surveillance, handling risks, and first aid.

Is Being A Celebrity Bodyguard Rewarding?

Being a bodyguard is one thing, but being a bodyguard to a celebrity is another thing. First off, you have the opportunity to travel around the world. Celebrities move around frequently either for events, shows, or business trips. As a personal bodyguard, you go wherever the celebrity goes.

As a celebrity bodyguard, you can earn as much as $100 in an hour. Payment can vary from client to client and is based off your experience. The more experience you have, the more compensation you may receive.

Qualities Of A Celebrity Bodyguard

  • Detailed knowledge of the job: You have to know what being a celebrity bodyguard entails and check whether the job is suitable for you. Note that you may not have time for yourself and little time for your loved ones as well as other commitments. This is because you’ll be with your client most of the time. You need to pay attention to detail and be well calculated. Also, knowing the appropriate way to dress at all times is paramount as your appearance matters. You should have a great attitude towards your client and your job in general. Bear in mind that a little mistake or misconduct could give your client a misconception. Above all, be ready to travel a lot and mediate risk.

  • Sound health: Sound physical and mental health is a key quality ot be a successful celebrity bodyguard. Your vision should be clear, sense of hearing and smell intact as well as being in a great form. Anything can happen at any time and it may require you to put your physical finesse to the test. This includes protecting your client and yourself from danger.

  • License: Yes, not only drivers have a license. Before you can become a celebrity bodyguard, you must have a license. This license states or shows that you can do the job of a bodyguard. Before getting a license, however, there are procedures to it and differ from state to state.

  • Communication skills: Asides security duties, relating well with your client is a top bodyguard skill. It’s not all the time that defensive techniques come to play. You may meet guests as well as friends of the celebrity and need to leave a good impression.

  • Intelligence: As a celebrity bodyguard, you need to know what to do at a particular time if your client is indisposed. Being able to make safe decisions without explicit guidance is an important quality to an elite bodyguard.
  • Trustworthiness: Your client must trust you to keep information confidential. You must not disclose details to your family or friends without the clients consent.

Benefits Of Being A Celebrity Bodyguard

  • Ability to travel around
  • Meet new people
  • Lucrative
  • Special privileges