Tips To Becoming A Celebrity Journalist

Celebrities are high-profile clients. Often enough, people want to keep up to date with their lives both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

They’re usually on the front covers of magazines, billboards, newspapers and so on

How To Get Started as a Celebrity Chauffeur

A celebrity chauffeur is one that transports a celebrity from one location to another typically in a luxury vehicle of their choice

Working as a celebrity chauffeur is not only exciting but can also pay well

How To Get Going as a Celebrity Bodyguard

Building a career as a celebrity bodyguard can be a lucrative career path.

The security sector has a plethora of positions as the demand for bodyguards increases

The In’s & Outs of Celebrity Photography

Photography is a great job especially if you love the art of it. Ever thought about becoming a celebrity photographer?

If so, we are going to break down the path of a celebrity photographer and what it may entail